My Need for Speed Movie Review!

For those that know me, I'm sure you are thinking Need for Speed review?  Why would you have even gone to this movie.  This is so NOT you.  You are completely right.  I am a sappy love story, cute comedy, feel good movie lover.  I am not because into the the, as I call them, "boy movies".  Its funny, when my husband first found out that I was going to go see a screen of Need for Speed, he actually laughed, told me good luck and wished that it were him instead.  But I went to the movie with an open mind, and SHOCKER, I actually really liked it.  

I felt that this film was casted really well.  Many actors that I had recognized from other roles.  They kept me interested, on the edge of my seat and even laughing at times. I felt they all did a fantastic job at their roles and did a great job bringing me into the story.  I will try to give you a spoiler free review of the movie! :)

Just like every good adventure story there is good and bad.  There are characters that fight for what they believe and others that challenge those believes.  In Need for Speed you will find a lot of conflict between Aaron Pauls character Tobey Marshall and Dominic Coopers Character Dino Brewster.  There are twists that I didn't expect between these two that really make an interesting storyline.

Being married to a car guy, I know enough that there are lots of really cool and really fast cars in this movie.  If you are a car person, you would probably love it just for the cars!  Apparently there is a Need for Speed video game that it is based off of, so I'm sure those video gamers would love to watch the life action movie of their game. 

Not only are there cool cars, but they drive really really fast.  That in itself is pretty awesome.  You will be taken on a crazy adventure.  Your heart will be beating fast, you will probably be squeezing the arm rest of your seat, or partners hands and you will jump at least a few times.

As if cool cars and fast cars are not enough, there are also amazing explosions.  Big, awesome special effects that are incredible to watch on screen.  It is amazing what they can create in making movies.

If you love action, adventure, excitement, fast cars and big explosions, this movie is definitely for you!  If you are like me, and like an interesting story line that really pulls you in then this movie is for you, too. Plus, your husband will think you are extra awesome for taking him to this movie! Where it was predictable at parts, that didn't bother me. The story kept moving, it kept me very interested and yes, there was even some "heart" in it.  

I think it is important to note that this is NOT a movie for kids.  This is a great movie for date night with your significant other but I wouldn't take anyone younger than the age of 17.  

About Need for Speed

"Fresh from prison, a street racer who was framed by a wealthy business associate joins a cross country race with revenge in mind. His ex-partner, learning of the plan, places a massive bounty on his head as the race begins."

Need for Speed opened in theaters today.  Perfect for Friday night date night!

*I had the opportunity to see a pre-screening of Need for Speed while I was in Los Angeles for our Disney event. All opinions are my own.

Hi, everyone. I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs. My Disney Voiceover Experience.

  Meet Gabrial Guy.  He has a really cool job.  This is where it all happens.  In this little room, Gabe captures the voices of amazing actors and actresses like Kristen BellIdina MenzelJonathan Groff, and Josh Gad. And behind that glass, is where those actors and actresses stand to do their lines over and over again. It really is intriguing to stand it that room and see exactly how the behind the scenes of voice overs are actually done.  
I will be completely honest with you.  When I got the itinerary for the trip and found out that we were doing voice overs, this was the thing that I was most terrified about doing!  I was nervous from the moment I found out, up until the moment that I found out that we would be going alphabetically in our group.  Having the last name "Au", I got to be first.  I was SO nervous because not only was I trying something new, but I didn't get to watch anyone first to get a better idea of the process.
Its funny how these things work, though.  The moment I got into the room, put on my headphones and started I had a blast.  My fears went away.  Probably because I was so focused on making sure I was following the on screen hints to help me say the words when I was supposed to.  It went really fast, and I was bummed when I was finished! The scene that we did was when Olaf is meeting Anna, Kristoff and Sven for the first time.  I was the voice of Olaf. 
I laughed when I saw the photos of me, because I was fully into the whole experience.  Hand motions and all. Haha. 
So what is it like to do Voice Over?  I couldn't imagine doing it for a job.  It is NOT easy.  You have to be on your toes, paying attention and it goes fast.  I followed along what I felt like was perfectly, and got to the end of my scene and was talking longer than Olaf's mouth was moving.  
Photo Credit: 
 When I went into the room where I was being recording, I had my headphones on, so I could hear the other lines.  I could also communicate with Gabe Guy so he could give me the directions I needed.  We watched the scene on the screen shown above. The screen also showed a 3-2-1 count down so we knew when we were to start our lines.  We had the choice of doing the scene featured above, or doing part of Olaf's Summer song.  Haha.  I chose the speaking lines because I can't carry a tune.  :)
One nice thing about going first, I got to relax and really enjoy watching everyone after me.  
Cool Fact that I mentioned from my Exclusive Interview with the Filmmakers of Disney's Frozen.  I assumed that when they recorded the voice overs that everyone from the scene is in the room recording at the same time.  But this is not the case.  We learned from my interview that, "We were never able to get Kristoff and Anna together and in that scene when they are in the sled and they are going back and forth at each other, we did something different where she would improv and just throw stuff out there and then he heard her responses and was jumping back at it. We had never done that before where they were listening to their voice but we wanted that banter to be like it was really happening. That was so hard because the literally had to go at each other but were never together."  

I had to do a voice over by myself and it was hard, I can't imagine voicing entire scenes without the other actors in the scene. This experience has shown me not only how incredible the whole process is, but how very talented the actors and actresses are. This was truly an amazing once in a life time experience and I had so much fun!

Thank you Disney for this incredible opportunity.  Disney provided me with the most incredible trip to Los Angeles for a behind the scenes experience with Frozen.  All opinions are my own.

Olay Regenerist Luminous products are available at Walmart #LuminousGlow

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G. I received these products for review.  All opinions are my own.

I was sitting in my car today, waiting for my daughter to come out from her dance class.  I got there early and had time just to sit and think.  This moment of thinking got a little boring and I started looking at my face in my mirror.  Don't do this.  Haha.  My skin looks tired.  I'm looking older.  And ugh, lets not start on those dark spots. I have four kids, and it seems like my dark spots got worse with every pregnancy.  I have tried product after product that claim your dark spots will go away, but I still have them...  I have heard a lot about the Olay Regenerist Luminous products so when SheSpeaks approached me to review their skin care line, I was excited to give it a try. 

So….what is Olay Regenerist Luminous?
Olay Regenerist Luminous is  a collection of skin care products formulated to reveal smooth, radiant and luminous skin, on-shelf now at Walmart.

I am a thirty-something mom of four.  Its hard to feel like you are getting older but when products can come along that make you feel like you look good while you are getting older, I'm all for that.  I would love to "reveal my smooth, radiant and luminous skin"!  My biggest areas of concern are my dark spots and the shadow under my eyes.  I am excited to try out this product and see how it can help me feel younger and more confident!  

Join me and experience all three new products at an everyday low price at your local Walmart or buy on!  To purchase them online, you can follow these links: 

For more information, visit, or follow them on Olay Facebook or Olay Twitter.  

I'm a Disney Animator! Check out my experience Rigging Olaf!

Who here loves Olaf?  Raise your hand.  Okay, i'm sure that everyone in the entire inter-world is raising their hand because he is truly a fun, happy, adorable, and cuddly character.  He is definitely one of the favorites in our house.  Last month, when I had the opportunity to visit the Roy E. Disney Animation Building, I had the awesome opportunity to visit the Training Lab.
What  happens in the Training Lab, you ask?  This is an educational space where artists can learn the tools and how to's in Rigging.  We were able to learn in this space from some of the top artists of disney.

 For us, we went into the Training lab to meet with CG supervisor Frank Hanner,  and Character TD Supervisors Greg Smith and Keith Wilson to learn about Rigging.  What is Rigging?  The Rigging is what constructs everything to allow characters to move.  For example, it gives you the details of shapes on a face, like the arch of brows, or corner of mouth movement. 

Here is a great way to look at it:

A rigger is like a puppet control maker, with the animator being the puppeteer. A rigger will build and design the armature or skeleton that defines how the puppet moves. They create controls for the face and the body that allow the animator to create an emotive performance through movement and gesture, both in the body and in the face.

In the movie Frozen, we learn that there wed 312 Character Rigs, 245 Cloth Rigs and 63 Hair Rigs.  We were told that this was an incredible feat for them as something this grand has never been done before.  You could imagine how much time and attention would go into 245 unique simulated costumes.   This was double the amount of cloth Rigs that they had previously done.

I was very impressed with the many hair styles of Anna and Elsa, look of their hair and even the "craziness of the Anna's hair".  (you know what I mean):

Did you know that Elsa had a lot of hair.  I know, I know. You watched the movie and you saw that she had an impressive, beautiful head of hair.  But guess exactly HOW much hair she had.  

420,000 strands.  

To give you an example to show you just how incredibly impressive this is… remember Rapunzel?  Yeah, the one with the impressive head of hair! :)  She only had 29,000 strands!!  Crazy, huh!  An average person has 100,000.  Elsa had 4 TIMES an average person!  

As mentioned above, they had 245 Cloth Rigs in the making of Frozen. When watching the movie, there are a lot of of characters in crowd scenes and all of their outfits need to move naturally. Riggers make it so their outfits move like cloth would move and would react to both the character, the environment or physical phenomenas such as wind or gravity.  
Its Olaf!  :) These are Character sheets that the artists receive.  They give the Rigger the information needed  to designs rigs so that can create these poses.

Here is where the fun starts.  Here is my workspace. Out of all the things that I did at the Disney  Animation studios, I think that Rigging Olaf was my favorite.  It was was fun to learn the basic controls and make Olaf come to life.  I wish that I could have had more time in this lab and been able to learn more.

  In order to Rig a specific part of Olaf, you would click on the point of his body that you wanted to work with on one screen, then you would use the other screen to make the changes.  There was more to it than this at first, specific controls that you would use and buttons that you would press that would make this happen. 

Here is some of my work.  Amazing, I know...

Here is a little video about my experience.  As you can see from the video, I was REALLY good.  They'll probably be calling me and offering me a job.  Very soon.  :)

Thank you again Disney for the amazing trip to LA where I could learn all about Frozen and spend time in the Rigging Lab.  All opinions expressed above were my own. 

Something big is coming. You know the tale but you don’t know the truth. Follow now before it is too late.

Wow.  Love this new movie poster.  Seriously, I am looking forward to this one.  I love Disney Villains and I think that Angelina Jolie is a fantastic actress. They couldn't have casted a better person for this role! 

Soooo… Rumor has it, that you should follow the new Maleficent handle on twitter.  Why?  

This is all I know…… (kinda cryptic... but I like surprises)...

"We also encourage you to follow @Maleficent on Twitter for more to be revealed. Something big is coming.

You know the tale but you don’t know the truth. Follow now before it is too late."

I'm following.  Are you?

MALEFICENT releases in theaters everywhere on May 30th!

Spring Clean with Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle #MrCleanMorePower

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Mr. Clean.  All opinions are my own.  

There is nothing cooler than getting your very own Mr. Clean Locker in the mail.  I was very excited to get this box, and was really hoping that when I would open the Locker, Mr. Clean himself would hop out and start cleaning myself.  A girl can hope, right?  Well, unfortunately he didn't climb out of the box, but the next best thing was inside.  Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle.  If I can't have him, at least I can have his muscles, right?  :)  

In this box, I received a bottle of Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, a bucket, sponge and  cleaning checklist.  I was eager to give the Liquid Muscle a try to see how it worked. (Maybe oh, maybe I would get some muscles out of it, too!) 
The thing that struck me post was where it said on the box, "Get ready to knock DIRT & GRIME out of every room in your house!"  I have a lot of rooms in my house, and I don't think I have a cleaning product right now, that I can use in every room in my house.  If this works, then bring it on!

Alright, everyone, its March.  The weather is warming up, the snow is melted, and this is when I get eager to CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!  Do you feel this way?  I love spring cleaning.  Not only getting rid of things, but DEEP CLEANING.  Scrubbing and cleaning all those hard to reach places and just knowing that your house is clean!  Call me crazy, but I was excited to go to work Spring Cleaning with Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle.   It was so easy to get ready to clean, all you do is watch this little video to see how is it is:

Seriously, doesn't get easier than that!  Lets go clean!
Sinks, check.  Counters, Check. FLOORS?  Yes, check.  Stove top, check.  Tables, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK! All these places and more I was able to clean with my Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle.  From my kitchen, my bathroom, or laundry room to my office and hallways, I found places that the Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle cleaned fabulously.  And it gets, better, it smells delicious.  So many cleaning supplies give me a headache, but I really felt like my home felt "fabreezed" and great smelling when I was done Spring Cleaning!

What rooms are you looking forward to cleaning?

For more information, follow Mr. Clean online:

Guillow's Classic Balsa Airplanes

I received these Guillow's Classic Balsa Airplanes for review.  All opinions are my own.

With Spring in the area, it is a perfect time to get outside and fly an airplane!  Building Models was a hobby that my husband enjoyed with his father as a young age so he was excited to experience this same thing with our son.  My husband and son have always been into airplanes and they loved the different styles that were available.

"The 4500 Series starts with the U.S. Hellcat or U.S. Warhawk each with red propellers. The handsome German Fighter has distinctive black markings on its wingtips while the American war models sport patriotic blue. The non-military Rockstar Jet, V-Tail and Stunt Flyer round out the six miniModels. All kits in the 4500 Series have precision laser cut balsa wood parts for easy building and contain a rubber band motor for long flights. These are ideal model airplanes for young pilots to span the gap between Guillow's simple toy gliders and larger model construction kits. For decades, the company has been making fun balsa gliders and model construction kits for older kids and adults alike." 

These kids include everything that you need to build your Guillow's Classic Balsa Airplanes except the glue.  They are a perfect activity for a model hobbyist, teen or father/son pair.  As  mentioned above, its a great starting point to learn the basics of building before going on to more complicated models.  These models come ready to build with laser cut wood and all of the pieces.  It is not an easy set.  I think it is important to note that this is recommended for ages 13 and older.  The pieces are really delicate, and in building, younger ages could break them.  My son is 11 and we found that he was a great age working along side his father, but not to build it alone. 

My husband takes his building very seriously, so he got everything out, lined up and ready to build.  He preferred a precision knife because some of the pieces were more detailed and he didn't want them to break.  It took him about an hour to build each airplane.  I was surprised by how much detail was involved in each airplane.
As you can tell from the photo above, this is not a cheaply put together airplane.  It is quality balsa wood and each piece is perfectly and precisely cut for perfection. Typically a wing would only consist of one piece, but in this detailed set, you can see from the photo above how much detail is in each individual airplane. 

Here we are about 45 minutes into the process.  The instructions are easy to follow for ages 13+ and again, younger ages would need the help of a parent or grandparent.  It would be such a great hobby to start.  My son and husband really have some special memories that they have built together around building these Balsa Airplanes.

 These kits include rubber band motor for long flights up to 50 feet.   We were able to play right in our backyard, but it would also be fun to take them to the park near our house so we could have airplane races between the kids.  The rubber band motor winds up tight so you can get the best flight possible.  You can wind it up by turn the propellor.  My 11 year old son was able to fly the plane just fine by himself, but I found that my younger kids, 5 and 9, needed more assistance.  One the rubber band is winding, throw your airplane and enjoy watching it fly!
The thing that I love most about the Guillow's Classic Balsa Airplanes is that it is a complete learning process for your child.  They can learn every step from following directions, building, having patience, paying attention to small details, and then when they are finished they get the enjoyment of playing with their creation.  I always find that gets appreciate things better and enjoy them more when more time and attention has been put into putting them together.

 Guillow's Classic Balsa Airplanes are an amazing affordable price of only $8.99 per kit.  They are a fun hobby item that I would recommend collecting, building and flying them all.
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